Testimonial: Dan’s Fossil Flow Present


The Birthday celebration was a success.  Dan was totally surprised and loved the piece!  It seems the more he studies it, the more he discovers and the more he appreciates its complexity.  It was a pleasure getting to know you and I’m sure we will pass through your gallery again.

Thanks again!



Testimonial: Ridgedale Library Bench Project

In addition to her wonderful artistic skills, Sheryl has excellent interpersonal relations and an ability to fully understand the mission of the organization she is working for.  This combination made the entire experience memorable.  Those of us who worked with her also grew in our appreciation of art.


Margaret Gillespie

Coordinating Librarian, Ridgedale Library








Northeast Minneapolis Art Crawl
May 20 – May 22, 2011
visit my studio in the Northrup King Building #403
Largest art crawl in the country, visit the Minneapolis Arts District!
Friday 5-10pm
Saturday noon-8pm
Sunday noon-5pm

Along For The Ride Gets a Pedestal!

In 2004 I had created Along For The Ride, a sculpture for the Fairview Children’s Hospital. Recently they asked me to create a podium for  him. Here are the pictures of the process! Hope you enjoy!

  • Along For The Ride Sculpture

    Along For The Ride Sculpture

    Along for the Ride - created 2004 for Fairview Children\'s Hospital. The turtle\'s shell is covered with travel plates. I had written a story to go with it that is finally getting told - mounted on the pedestal they asked me to make now.

  • Base by Marlaine Cox Metalworks

    Base by Marlaine Cox Metalworks

    Base fabricated by Marlaine Cox Metalworks

  • Rock is on

    Rock is on

    Rock is on, ready for grout

  • Green on

    Green on

    rock is on, green area ready to begin

  • before grouting

    before grouting

    before grouting

  • Before grouting detail

    Before grouting detail

    Before grouting detail

  • Turtle story

    Turtle story

    The pedestal features a story about the turtle and his travels with his friends.

  • another side pic

    another side pic

  • Turtle closeup

    Turtle closeup

    Closeup - finished shows turtle and the story area.

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