Testimonial: Dan’s Fossil Flow Present


The Birthday celebration was a success.  Dan was totally surprised and loved the piece!  It seems the more he studies it, the more he discovers and the more he appreciates its complexity.  It was a pleasure getting to know you and I’m sure we will pass through your gallery again.

Thanks again!




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Along For The Ride Gets a Pedestal!

In 2004 I had created Along For The Ride, a sculpture for the Fairview Children’s Hospital. Recently they asked me to create a podium for  him. Here are the pictures of the process! Hope you enjoy!

  • Along For The Ride Sculpture

    Along For The Ride Sculpture

    Along for the Ride - created 2004 for Fairview Children\'s Hospital. The turtle\'s shell is covered with travel plates. I had written a story to go with it that is finally getting told - mounted on the pedestal they asked me to make now.

  • Base by Marlaine Cox Metalworks

    Base by Marlaine Cox Metalworks

    Base fabricated by Marlaine Cox Metalworks

  • Rock is on

    Rock is on

    Rock is on, ready for grout

  • Green on

    Green on

    rock is on, green area ready to begin

  • before grouting

    before grouting

    before grouting

  • Before grouting detail

    Before grouting detail

    Before grouting detail

  • Turtle story

    Turtle story

    The pedestal features a story about the turtle and his travels with his friends.

  • another side pic

    another side pic

  • Turtle closeup

    Turtle closeup

    Closeup - finished shows turtle and the story area.