Handmade Tile Mosaics

Zen Tile, Flowing Ovals and Squaresville Tiles are my signature handmade tiles, and the meditative process of creating them provides me with an artistic retreat. Working with the wet clay, cutting the individual tiles, meticulously applying glaze and loading each piece into the kiln allows time for reflection. After the tiles are made, I mindfully select each piece for my mosaics, to create balance among shapes and colors until the work is complete. My organic mosaic designs are often enhanced by the addition of fossils, sliced agates, stained glass and polished river rock.

The finished artwork functions as a stopping point for the viewer, allowing them to clear their mind for a moment and allow their eyes to meander through the individual tiles and experience the journey of color and shapes.  New materials blend with natural materials to illustrate a sense of history and timelessness.

These pieces are ideal as hanging artwork or sculpture but are dynamic when actually installed on walls.  The terra cotta tiles are exterior grade and fine for most outdoor applications.

During my career I have experimented with other artistic mediums, but once I created my first mosaic piece over ten years ago, I never looked back. Mosaic work is a medium that offers limitless possibilities with regard to ideas, materials and applications. I only wish there were more hours in the day to create this beautiful work.

I live in Brooklyn Park on the Mississippi River, the environment certainly compliments and inspires my organic flowing style of artwork.